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IFCA has been the solution of choice for large, successful and growing businesses in the property, construction and hospitality sectors over the last 30 years and Human Resource sector for the last 15 years.


Wisdom comes through experience. Over the course of three decades, we have continued to accumulate, refine and trial that which works best for our customers.


IFCA is constantly reinventing and investing in R&D to spearhead the technologies of tomorrow. Driven by a purpose-fueled team, we continuously challenge the status quo to establish new and exciting solutions for our customers.

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A cloud-based Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS) that enables employees to manage all HR-related business functions simultaneously across all companies even from a mobile device.


An award-winning mobile internet hotel management solution that simplifies management, operations and most importantly, your guest experience.


PropertyX is a cloud-based solution that enables developers to oversee their project progress, automate bookings and provide real-time insights for better decision making.


A construction management solution that helps analyse data in real-time, monitor site conditions, and facilitates efficient and productive management.

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We are the market-leader in providing solutions for the technological transformation of businesses.

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We are the market-leader in providing solutions for the technological transformation of businesses.

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What is E-invoicing in Malaysia?

As announced in the recent Budget 2024, e-Invoices will be implemented in Malaysia by stages effective 1st August 2024, based on the annual revenue or turnover thresholds of businesses. By 1st January 2027, all businesses regardless of size will be required to issue e-Invoices in order to enjoy the greater accuracy, business efficiency and productivity it provides. For full compliance, it’s time to ensure that your software is compatible and ready for integration.

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Is your company ready for E-invoicing?