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1-Minute Check-In. Zero Queue at Front Desk!

Vacation is the time to take a break from the normal routine and relax, whereas for business travelling, the business people would like to conclude their discussions or dealings as soon as possible, therefore stress is the last thing tourists would like to have. Unfortunately, it is quite common nowadays to see queues forming at hotel counters even during  the off-peak seasons. Delegating the task to self check-in kiosks won’t break this bottleneck either, as the kiosks are overwhelmed too. 

Since tourists are generally eager to explore the attractions or savour the local delicacies right after check-in, and business travellers have their business dealings to settle, they can’t be blamed for feeling annoyed. If the queues are lengthy during  off-peak seasons, imagine what will happen during the peak seasons, for instance school holidays or major festivals season? 

Get rid of the queues

Your guests just reached your hotel after a long journey, yet they have to queue up in a long line with others to fill in the forms and collect their key? They would rather get it done as quickly as possible in order to proceed with their tour itinerary or business agenda, wouldn’t they? So, why not automate the check-in process?

Introducing Mobile Self Check-In, a superior feature offered by the Guest App of the HotelX digital management solution. Some industries like airline, banking, or food and beverage outlets etc have been practising this hassle-free approach for years via mobile apps from any smart devices. So why don’t hotels apply the same?

Awesome 1-Minute Check-In

To accelerate the check-in process, and eliminate the long queues at receptionist counters or kiosks, the Guest App allows the guests to conduct mobile self check-in prior to their arrival at the hotel. They can check-in during their journey using smartphones. 


Guest App enables guest pre-registration upon booking confirmation, so on the arrival day all they need to do is to select their booking to check-in and acknowledge it with their digital signature. Yes, this 1-minute check-in is literally a walk in the park!


With Digital Keys, physical keys are now obsolete. For hotels that are utilising key cards, the Guest App will prompt a QR code. Your guests just scan it at a device at the front desk, and a key card will be generated for them instantly.


For those hotels utilising password keylocks, the doorlock password will be prompted immediately upon successful check-in via Guest App, so the guests can proceed to their respective rooms.


Just like how your guests check-in, they can do the same for check-out. By just a few clicks on their phones, they can settle all the outstanding bills via contactless online payment, and check themselves out instantly. Isn’t that wonderful?

Satisfied guests = happy hoteliers

From the perspective of hoteliers, the benefit is plenty. Instead of assigning an army of staff to man the front desk to process guest check-ins manually, the personnel could be redeployed to focus on more pressing matters, such as handling the room services or responding to guest queries more rapidly. 


Disgruntled customers don’t bode well for any business. Tourists on vacation just want to relax, they shouldn’t suffer just because the hotel is overwhelmingly popular. With a powerful management system that automates the operation, even a leaner workforce could offer quality service, thus lowering the business cost. 


By raising guest satisfaction through the removal of pain points, your hotel will increase productivity as well as profitability, and attain sustainability in a challenging climate. Thanks to its versatility, the cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven HotelX solution has won the Mobile – Hospitality & Leisure trophy in the prestigious Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2021, presented by the Singapore Business Review. To check out the benefits of 1-Minute Mobile Self Check-In and the other awesome benefits of HotelX, book a free demo today at!