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IFCA MSC BHD 24th Annual General Meeting

Petaling Jaya:30th May 2022, IFCA MSC BHD today reached a historic milestone by physically hosting its 24th Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was previously conducted via live streaming due to the pandemic Covid-19. The AGM supported all the proposals presented to the meeting and approved the remuneration report. The AGM adopted the company’s Financial Statements […]

5 Reasons Why HR Professionals Should Implement Super App In HR Processes

What is HR Super App? Human Resources (HR) are the most valuable asset to any organisation. The importance of HR in an organisation is immense, ranging from recruiting and training to employee satisfaction and preserving a healthy working environment. However, many HR leaders are overstretched and have plenty of additional commitments, making it even more […]

IFCA Participation In MAH AGM & Gala Dinner 2022

Petaling Jaya, Selangor: On the 26th and 27th May 2022, Malaysian Associations of Hotel (MAH) has held their annual Gala Dinner and Annual General Meeting at One World Hotel, Selangor. This year MAH has elected a new president & board that will lead them for 2022-2025. IFCA is very honoured to be able to participate and share some […]

How HR Tech Transform Business Functions In Remote Working

There has been an increase in the use of digital cooperation and operating processes ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. Eventually, businesses must discover how to collaborate in a hybrid working model, following the success of the work-from-home revolution. Stepping into 2022 and beyond, it is indeed the time for business leaders to leverage the […]

HRX Win The Malaysian Technology Excellence Awards For 2022

Petaling Jaya: 17th May 2022, IFCA MSC BHD achieves yet another pinnacle by winning the prestigious Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards in the category Mobile-Human Resource Technology. The Singapore Business Review hosted the award ceremony to recognise forward-thinking businesses that have made an outstanding difference in the Human Resources industry. The annual awards programme also recognises businesses […]