Is your company ready for E-invoicing?

1-Minute Check-In

1-Minute Check-In. Zero Queue at Front Desk! Vacation is the time to take a break from the normal routine and relax, whereas for business travelling, the business people would like to conclude their discussions or dealings as soon as possible, therefore stress is the last thing tourists would like to have. Unfortunately, it is quite common nowadays […]

What is HR 5.0?

Creating Sustainable Business with HR 5.0 Talent Management Since the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) has begun to transform the industries with various technological advancements, the employment market is expected to undergo a humongous change too.  Nonetheless, we should bear in mind that these marvelous technologies were invented by, and still have to be managed […]

Employment Act Amendment 2022

What are the changes to the Employment Act 1955? Both employers or employees would always like to protect their rights and fulfil their obligations. For those in Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan, these rights and obligations are enshrined in the Employment Act 1955; whereas for Sabah and Sarawak, the same are governed by the respective state enactments. To keep […]