Sales are the root of the hotel business

Nowadays, hoteliers have big challenges to boost their room sales and increase revenue in this digital world. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your guests – if you were provided very good services during your first stay, would you come back to stay again? The answer is a definite yes. By providing high-quality services, converting guests to become your loyal guests will be a piece of cake. Besides that, social media platforms, play a huge role in driving traffic to your hotel. Hoteliers around the world use social media to leverage their hotel brand and also to practice effective digital marketing strategies.

Here are the 4 ways to increase sales of your hotel:

1.Social Media Marketing Strategy

As social media marketing is today’s business trend, it is easier for hoteliers to promote service, package, special offer, and campaigns, etc. through different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in any way round the clock. You should also share your hotel information and conduct different activities like competitions or lucky draws through social media so as to get more exposure and catch the eyes of the potential guests. At the same time, hoteliers have to create an info-exchange platform on social media to respond to the inquiries from the netizens and let the guests get the latest information about your hotel from time to time.

2.Discount on Special Season

When the special discount packages are launched by hoteliers in different seasons, the travelers would search for the best deals to plan their next trip. Hoteliers can create special promotion packages during Valentine’s day for couples or Family package during the festive seasons to attract new and old guests throughout the year. For example, Your Hotel can offer a 10% discount through a promo code using HoteLX, which can be shared using social media or email marketing so travelers will be attracted to book your rooms directly from your hotel website. On the other hand, some hotels also offer early-bird discounts on certain peak seasons as well. Besides that, some hoteliers will also set up attractive loyalty programs for their regular guests to encourage you to choose to stay at the same hotel on the next trip. The possibilities are endless. Find what is best for your hotel and with the marketing tools we provide, you can do so.

3.Online Booking Website and Mobile App

In this ever-growing digital economy, all hoteliers should have a mobile-friendly website to showcase their hotel and promote their services and facilities, etc., they also have to put the online booking engine on every page of the website since direct bookings have become the most beneficial booking for hotel operators. When you create the online booking service at your own¬¬¬ hotel webpage, direct booking app or Facebook page, you not only can save more and more commissions which pay to travel agents or other distribution partners but also can get more revenues from online booking service.

HotelX is a powerful and fully functional online booking mobile app which offers commission-free direct bookings, just to help the hoteliers to meet the direct online booking demands and try to offer your guests a better booking experience. With this web-based operation running 24/7, the hotel guests can view room rates, availability and make a booking or online payment in real-time through their devices. A few studies you might like to see to support our claim:

  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. In 2017, around 80% of last-minute bookings were made from a mobile device.
  • Reports say that online bookings make up almost 60% of all bookings. Half of those who do book digitally from a mobile device.
  • The study conducted by shows that nearly 65.4% of bookings are made online on hotel websites compared to 19.5% on online travel agencies (OTAs).

4.Dynamic Pricing System

Dynamic pricing refers to the continual adjustment of prices based on the value of each type of demand for the remaining capacity available to sell. Hoteliers can now use technology to implement the dynamic pricing system and adjust room rate seasonally, monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly respond to the supply and demand of the travel market so as to achieve a balance between under pricing and overpricing. Dynamic pricing also allows hoteliers to increase room revenue, Average Daily Rate and Revenue Per Room. Hoteliers may use a dynamic pricing system to maximize profits in this competitive hospitality industry by observing competitor pricing to match the ever-changing trends in minutes. You also need a wealth of information about your guests to be able to adjust your hotel rates at a minimal cost.


Be it as a hotelier or a future entrepreneur in the Hospitality industry, getting more profits and sales are always on top of your mind. Perhaps you find these tips useful in driving more sales and profit to your hotel business.

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