Is your company ready for E-invoicing?

Penang Forum Recap: E-Invoicing Simplified

Penang Forum Recap: E-Invoicing Simplified The E-Invoicing Seminar at Ascott Gurney Hotel in Penang on January 30, 2024 was successfully held! During the event, Ms. Lim Ai Chen (PKF), Mr. Kevin Lim (Infra 365) and Ms. Yong Siew Woon delved into the challenges, impact, and penalties associated with e-invoicing. They also evaluated business readiness for […]

E-Invoicing for Reimbursement & Disbursement, and Employment Perquisites & Benefits

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E-Invoicing for Reimbursement & Disbursement, and Employment Perquisites & Benefits As the wave of e-Invoicing is about to sweep through Malaysia in 3 phases beginning August 2024, we are committed to help business owners and managers in understanding this transformation better. The Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) e-Invoice model to be adopted by Malaysia will ensure […]

Understanding the Workflow of E-Invoicing

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Understanding the Workflow of E-Invoicing As a business owner in Malaysia, the buzz about the upcoming implementation of e-Invoicing beginning 2024 has likely reached you in recent months. This revolutionary initiative promises to streamline transaction reporting and reform tax administration. Before you dive into this digital adventure, let’s learn about the vital role that your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Digital Certificate play […]

MTEA Award – HotelX

Digitally transform your hotel businesses with HotelX, the Award-Winning Hotel Management Solution Related Blogs

IFCA Software and Finology Join Forces to Revolutionise Property Sales with Loanplus Home Integration in PropertyX ERP

IFCA Software and Finology Join Forces to Revolutionise Property Sales with Loanplus Home Integration in PropertyX ERP KUALA LUMPUR, 8 JANUARY 2023 – IFCA Software, the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developer renowned for its flagship PropertyX ERP, proudly announces a strategic collaboration with Finology Group (Finology), an Asia-Pacific fintech company that enables embedded […]

e-Invoicing: Who, When, What & How?

e-Invoicing: Who, When, What & How? Most of you are probably aware of the upcoming implementation of e-Invoicing in Malaysia, set to roll-out in phases from August 2024 to July 2025. This innovative method of transaction recording, known as Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) e-Invoicing, forms a significant paradigm shift in the realm of taxation. To facilitate […]

What is E-invoicing in Malaysia?

Watch the Video to Find Out More: As announced in the recent Budget 2024, e-Invoices will be implemented in Malaysia by stages effective 1st August 2024, based on the annual revenue or turnover thresholds of businesses. By 1st July 2025, all businesses regardless of size will be required to issue e-Invoices in order to enjoy the greater accuracy, business efficiency and productivity it provides. […]

Congratulations to the Winners of The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developers Awards 2023

Congratulations to the Winners of The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developers Awards 2023 Warmest congratulations to our esteemed partners for winning 10 out of the 12 spots in The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developers Awards (TPDA) 2023! Your dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence have truly set you apart in the dynamic real estate landscape. […]

Will Electronic Invoices Serve as the Catalyst for IFCA MSC BHD?

Will Electronic Invoices Serve as the Catalyst for IFCA MSC BHD? * The original article was published in Chinese by Sin Chew on November 6, 2023, and below is the translated edition. The budget proposal for the year 2024, released last month, includes an announcement that the government will gradually implement the long-anticipated Electronic Invoicing (E-invoicing) tax reporting system […]

IFCA MSC Bhd Becomes Official Automatic Access Representative for HIMS

Kuala Langat: 4th Oct 2023, In a groundbreaking development, IFCA MSC Bhd has proudly taken up the mantle of being the official automatic access representative for HIMS, signaling a monumental achievement in the world of real estate and technology partnerships. This newfound partnership not only reinforces our unwavering commitment but also opens doors to exciting possibilities. […]

Discover a World of Opportunities with IFCA Solution Partner Programme

Discover a World of Opportunities with IFCA Solution Partner Programme Expand your business and unleash your potential through IFCA Solution Partner Program. Create a recurring revenue stream by signing up as the Solution Partner for our cutting-edge mobile cloud-based solutions. Find out more here: Click here to apply IFCA: Your Partner for Unlimited Success IFCA, […]

How does Digital Transformation Boost Your ESG Efforts?

How does Digital Transformation Boost Your ESG Efforts? Investors around the world are increasingly embracing ESG principles, which are driven by various concerns on economic inequalities, climate change, cyber security, social injustice and more As stipulated by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) in its General Requirements for Disclosure of Sustainability-related Financial Information, which is supported by G20, […]

Shwe Taung Group

Shwe Taung Group Known as one of the leading corporations in Myanmar with a diversified portfolio of business interests especially involving real estate and construction sectors. With over 6000 employees, they are one of Myanmar’s largest organisations. In 2018, STG implemented IFCA’s Property Management solution to streamline its property sales leads and data management processes. […]

PT Supermal Karawaci

PT Supermal Karawaci Regarded as one of the largest shopping complex in the Lippo, Karawaci district and one of the biggest malls west of Jakarta. It is the only mall in Indonesia that encompasses an e-center, 3 hypermarkets and 4 residential towers. In 2011, PT Supermal Karawaci implemented IFCA’s Property365 as their property management solution […]

Wanda Group

Wanda Group Established in 1988, Wanda Group is a key player in the Retail, Commerce, e-Commerce, and Cultural Tourism sectors. One of its core businesses is Wanda Plazas – with more than 100 Wanda Plazas encompassing shopping malls, hotels and offices. As the Group faces rapid expansion into multiple locations, the need to simplify, consolidate […]

Pakuwon Group

Pakuwon Group Pakuwon is a prominent property developer and an established brand name in Jakarta and Surabaya. With over 38 years in the real estate development industry, it has an impressive portfolio of properties including numerous retail, residential, commercial and hotel developments. Equipped with IFCA’s digital systems, Pakuwon Group was able to reimagine their project […]

LYL Group

LYL Group LYL Group was established in 1990 as a developer specialising in property development and warehouse solutions. developments. Armed with the foresight to anticipate market demands in the property industry, LYL Group took on IFCA’s Property Management Solution in 2014. Since then, the results from the collaboration was monumental. With our solution, LYL Group […]

Alfa Land Group

Alfaland Group Alfaland Group is known as a retail giant in Indonesia. They’ve earned this title for its experience as an esteemed Group that covers Development, Property, Construction as well as Hospitality Management. To further differentiate themselves from their competitors the group launched its digitalisation journey with IFCA Property365 in 2019. This move transformed their […]

Platinum Victory

Platinum Victory For more than 20 years, Platinum Victory (PV) has been building up its status as a reputable property developer, delivering homes that are more than just design and functionality. This was made possible with the help of IFCA’s Property CRM Solution in 2014, to manage sales and collaborate with their business partners effectively. […]

Rasma Corporation

Rasma Corporation Rasma Corporation Sdn Bhd is a mechanical, electrical as well as civil engineering services provider with around 30 years in the Malaysian construction industry. Rasma’s decision to invest in IFCA’s Contract365 solution was in line with their intention to set up a robust engineering team to surpass Malaysia’s name as a country exporting […]

ABX Express Sdn Bhd

ABX Express Sdn Bhd ABX Express Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1984 primarily focusing on domestic last-mile delivery, adding value to client’s products and services. As a reliable courier company that offers tip-top services to suit everyone’s business needs, ABX Express appreciates the importance of their employees to power their business. In 2019, since acquiring […]

Atlas Ice Company

Atlas Ice Company By now, those white delivery trucks bearing the Atlas Ice logo are a familiar sight all over Malaysia. They are owned by The Atlas Ice Company Bhd, the leading edible ice producers in the country and one of the largest in South East Asia. With a total of 16 companies in Malaysia, […]

8 Benefits of Construction Management Software

8 Benefits of Construction Management Software Construction management software has become an essential tool for contractors to remain competitive in the construction industry, as the industry catches up rapidly in terms of technology to embrace the Future of Work. In this digital era, the use of Construction Management Software such as ContractX by IFCA Software can […]

The Future of Real Estate: Exploring the Mobile Revolution in Property Viewing and Buying

The Future of Real Estate: Exploring the Mobile Revolution in Property Viewing and Buying The world is more interconnected than ever. With the rapid adoption of 5G connectivity and its infrastructure, connection speeds have never been faster, and network latencies lower.  This means high fidelity mobile internet technology is now accessible to the masses. A classic example is a […]

The Future of Work and its Impacts on You

The Future of Work and its Impacts on You The Future of Work refers to the anticipated changes in the way we work, as the nature of work, traditional workplaces and work culture become more flexible, digital, and collaborative due to variety of circumstances.  The Future of Work is defined by several key trends that have emerged in the world of employment, such […]

Why Should Businesses Embrace Cloud Computing?

Why Should Businesses Embrace Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing refers to accessing the service of software hosted in remote servers via the internet. The term cloud here is defined as the massive data centres that comprises thousands of servers, where the cloud-based software are hosted, as well as the globally-accessible service it enables. An additional benefit of this is enabling you […]

Top 5 HR Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Top 5 HR Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry Does Industry Revolution 4.o (IR 4.0) have anything to do with talent management? IR 4.0 is now in full swing across the manufacturing industry. We are familiar with Smart Factories that are powered by Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, 3D Printing etc. Can similar technologies allow for digital […]

5 Future of Work Trends that Nobody Should Ignore

5 Future of Work Trends that Nobody Should Ignore Workplaces around the world are becoming more diverse, virtual and digital. The younger generation brings in a set of new values, cultures and expectations. Businesses will have to adapt in order to cater to shifting  employee behaviours and expectations. Facing the push from a competitive talent […]

Understand The Tax Reliefs That You Are Entitled To

The Income Tax season for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2022 has begun. For individuals who only received employment income, the deadline is 30 April 2023 for offline channels or 15 May 2023 for e-filing. Whereas for individuals with business income (besides employment income), the deadline is 30 June 2023 for offline channels or 15 […]

How Does IR 4.0 Benefit Your Business?

How to harness the IR 4.0 technology to enhance your business operation? What exactly does IR 4.0 entail? To understand this, we must first know the difference between IR 4.0 and the previous waves of Industrial Revolutions. From IR 1.0 to IR 4.0 The Industrial Revolution first took place in the 18th century, where steam power and mechanisation replaced human or […]

Property Sold Out in 10 Minutes?

Wondering if a property project could be sold out in 10 Minutes, without anyone visiting the gallery? Normally, buyers have to visit the sales gallery to view and book the project. For those more popular projects, people might even need to queue up. For the rest, the developers might need to organise multiple events, with […]

1-Minute Check-In

1-Minute Check-In. Zero Queue at Front Desk! Vacation is the time to take a break from the normal routine and relax, whereas for business travelling, the business people would like to conclude their discussions or dealings as soon as possible, therefore stress is the last thing tourists would like to have. Unfortunately, it is quite common nowadays […]

What is HR 5.0?

Creating Sustainable Business with HR 5.0 Talent Management Since the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) has begun to transform the industries with various technological advancements, the employment market is expected to undergo a humongous change too.  Nonetheless, we should bear in mind that these marvelous technologies were invented by, and still have to be managed […]

Employment Act Amendment 2022

What are the changes to the Employment Act 1955? Both employers or employees would always like to protect their rights and fulfil their obligations. For those in Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan, these rights and obligations are enshrined in the Employment Act 1955; whereas for Sabah and Sarawak, the same are governed by the respective state enactments. To keep […]

11 out of 13 The Edge Top Developers 2022 are Powered by IFCA

Heartiest Congratulations to our partners for winning the prestigious The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developer Awards 2022! Once again, your unwavering determination to offer greater value through innovation has been confirmed. The winners have proved their mettle and stood the test of trying times. Evaluated on both qualitative and quantitative attributes, the winners have proven […]

IFCA Participation in SDEC 2022

Kuala Lumpur: On Oct 6th to 9th, Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation (Sidec) held their 7th Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention 2022 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. IFCA is very honoured to be able to participate in this prestigious event and was able to learn some interesting business insights from their […]

IFCA MSC BHD 24th Annual General Meeting

Petaling Jaya:30th May 2022, IFCA MSC BHD today reached a historic milestone by physically hosting its 24th Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was previously conducted via live streaming due to the pandemic Covid-19. The AGM supported all the proposals presented to the meeting and approved the remuneration report. The AGM adopted the company’s Financial Statements […]

5 Reasons Why HR Professionals Should Implement Super App In HR Processes

What is HR Super App? Human Resources (HR) are the most valuable asset to any organisation. The importance of HR in an organisation is immense, ranging from recruiting and training to employee satisfaction and preserving a healthy working environment. However, many HR leaders are overstretched and have plenty of additional commitments, making it even more […]

IFCA Participation In MAH AGM & Gala Dinner 2022

Petaling Jaya, Selangor: On the 26th and 27th May 2022, Malaysian Associations of Hotel (MAH) has held their annual Gala Dinner and Annual General Meeting at One World Hotel, Selangor. This year MAH has elected a new president & board that will lead them for 2022-2025. IFCA is very honoured to be able to participate and share some […]

How HR Tech Transform Business Functions In Remote Working

There has been an increase in the use of digital cooperation and operating processes ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. Eventually, businesses must discover how to collaborate in a hybrid working model, following the success of the work-from-home revolution. Stepping into 2022 and beyond, it is indeed the time for business leaders to leverage the […]

HRX Win The Malaysian Technology Excellence Awards For 2022

Petaling Jaya: 17th May 2022, IFCA MSC BHD achieves yet another pinnacle by winning the prestigious Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards in the category Mobile-Human Resource Technology. The Singapore Business Review hosted the award ceremony to recognise forward-thinking businesses that have made an outstanding difference in the Human Resources industry. The annual awards programme also recognises businesses […]

HRX Successfully Hosted A Webinar On Enabling Hybrid Workforces with Mobile Internet Technology In Partnership With MECA

Petaling Jaya: 29th April 2022, IFCA MSC BHD successfully hosted a webinar on Enabling Hybrid Workforces with Mobile Internet Technology. The Webinar focuses on addressing employee misconduct during the work-from-home era, as employers are increasingly concerned about workplace violence. This discussion also emphasizes on the employee-relations and legal implications of workplace monitoring, and it concludes with recommendations for […]

The Relevance Of Big Data In Real Estate Industry

In recent years, property technology has become a talking point in the real estate industry, both in Malaysia and across the globe. It generally refers to the use of innovation in the real estate industry, with property technology becoming perceptible throughout the real estate landscape. The goal of property technology is to use advancements to […]

The Future Of Hospitality Industry – Exploring possibilities to prosper in the new normal

The post pandemic is driving changes to customer behavior and expectation The surging COVID-19 had a significant impact on consumer behavior. Hoteliers all over the world acted quickly to mitigate the impact on operations, laying off employees, cutting costs, reducing touchpoints, and other measures until given the green signal to reopen. Thus, complying with and […]