Digital Transformation is coming all the way

Nowadays, there is a tremendous digital transformation in the hospitality industry. Lots of hotels provide online room booking services and use cloud-based hotel management software to manage their Front Desk and Housekeeping tasks etc. By using these Hi-tech hotel management software, the hoteliers just can manage the room occupancy more systematic and need not hire so many workers at the front desk. Recently, there are a few accommodation management systems or software which were used by either small, medium, or franchise hotel operators to manage certain task had been created consistently by different contributors.

In the meantime, there are also trends that most hotel guests prefer to book their accommodation online. As to provide a platform for the hoteliers digitalized their hotel business and attract more guests, there is a simplified hotel management system called HotelX, which allows you to have easy access to your hotel Front Desk, Housekeeping, Revenue, etc. HotelX is highly recommended for Boutique hotels, homestay, and budget hotels. It’s affordable for all these hoteliers to upgrade their front desk management system and PMS booking system. HotelX is also a multi-functional hotel PMS software for the hospitality industry. It can help the hoteliers to earn more money and save more time.

With using HotelX, the hoteliers can certainly meet the following targets:

1.Maximize Room Occupancy

HotelX has around the clock front desk management system that can let the hoteliers seamlessly allocate keycard to hotel guests as you manage them via the availability of their real-time status. This surely could help the hotel operators maximise the room occupancy from time to time. Once the hotel operators maximise the room occupancy, it would help the hoteliers to get the following benefits:

  • Better Sales
  • Improve ARR

2. Managing Operations at its Lowest Cost

The hoteliers spend most of their operations costs on the staff, hotel management software and marketing as well. HotelX is one of the mobile, cloud-based hotel management systems for a hotelier to minimize staffing and lowest the operation cost. HotelX helps the hotelier save more and more operation cost through the following ways:

  • Online booking
  • Online check-in and check-out
  • Promote mobility, flexibility in running the hospitality business

3. Digital Payment towards Cashless Transaction

HotelX promotes direct booking and cashless payment in a secured mode. All the hotel guests can make online booking and payment through this hotel management solution. The payment is secure, convenient and time-saving essentially through different mobile payment channel as stated below:

  • Wechat Malaysia
  • Wechat China
  • Boost
  • Touch N Go
  • Alipay
  • Grab Pay
  • Maybank QRPay


The benefits of digitizing your hotel business not only can make everything easier and better but also a new way of increasing your revenue. Once you let your hotel business online, you will have the ability to make yourself visible to a larger customer base. So, would you like to digitize your hotel business now? Just try to use our HotelX and you will have a big surprise from it.

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