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9 Advantages of Implementing a Payroll System

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9 Advantages of Implementing a Payroll System Are you struggling with payroll processing inefficiencies and compliance challenges within your organisation? In today’s dynamic business landscape, managing payroll efficiently is crucial for organisations of all sizes. Payroll processing is not only about disbursing salaries but also ensuring compliance with tax regulations, maintaining accurate records, and fostering […]

14 Best HR Software in Malaysia (2024)

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14 Best HR Software in Malaysia (2024) Are you struggling to keep pace with the demands of modern HR management while juggling the complexities of running your business? From managing employee data to ensuring legal compliance, the challenges can seem daunting. However, regardless of the size of your business, leveraging an HRMS (Human Resource Management […]

Top 5 HR Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Top 5 HR Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry Does Industry Revolution 4.o (IR 4.0) have anything to do with talent management? IR 4.0 is now in full swing across the manufacturing industry. We are familiar with Smart Factories that are powered by Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, 3D Printing etc. Can similar technologies allow for digital […]

Understand The Tax Reliefs That You Are Entitled To

The Income Tax season for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2022 has begun. For individuals who only received employment income, the deadline is 30 April 2023 for offline channels or 15 May 2023 for e-filing. Whereas for individuals with business income (besides employment income), the deadline is 30 June 2023 for offline channels or 15 […]

What is HR 5.0?

Creating Sustainable Business with HR 5.0 Talent Management Since the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) has begun to transform the industries with various technological advancements, the employment market is expected to undergo a humongous change too.  Nonetheless, we should bear in mind that these marvelous technologies were invented by, and still have to be managed […]

Employment Act Amendment 2022

What are the changes to the Employment Act 1955? Both employers or employees would always like to protect their rights and fulfil their obligations. For those in Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan, these rights and obligations are enshrined in the Employment Act 1955; whereas for Sabah and Sarawak, the same are governed by the respective state enactments. To keep […]

5 Reasons Why HR Professionals Should Implement Super App In HR Processes

What is HR Super App? Human Resources (HR) are the most valuable asset to any organisation. The importance of HR in an organisation is immense, ranging from recruiting and training to employee satisfaction and preserving a healthy working environment. However, many HR leaders are overstretched and have plenty of additional commitments, making it even more […]

How HR Tech Transform Business Functions In Remote Working

There has been an increase in the use of digital cooperation and operating processes ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. Eventually, businesses must discover how to collaborate in a hybrid working model, following the success of the work-from-home revolution. Stepping into 2022 and beyond, it is indeed the time for business leaders to leverage the […]