Is your company ready for E-invoicing?

Master E-Invoicing before August 2024
to Avoid Penalties

Renaissance Johor
27th February 2024
8:30AM to 1:30PM

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Explore the power of e-invoicing at our event — sessions delve into faster, secure transactions with insights tailored to your industry, bidding farewell to payment delays and lost invoices as we guide you to streamline processes.

Embrace timely connectivity and tracking for control anytime, anywhere, and discover how e-invoicing aligns with ESG requirements. Don’t miss this opportunity — sign up now!

Why you should join this event?

Who should join this event?

Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

Enhance operational efficiency and financial transparency by exploring cutting-edge e-invoicing solutions tailored for business success.

Finance Directors

Elevate financial management strategies by attending our e-invoicing event, where industry experts share valuable insights into optimizing financial workflows and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Finance Executives

Navigate the digital future of finance with our e-invoicing event, where you can access expert guidance on implementing advanced financial technologies for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Tax Managers/Tax Executives

Ensure compliance and optimize tax-related processes by joining our e-invoicing event, where you'll gain insights into advanced e-invoicing software and its impact on tax management.


Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our e-invoicing event, gaining insights into streamlined financial processes and compliance, crucial for strategic decision-making.

Financial Controllers/Finance Managers

Streamline your financial control and management processes through e-invoicing software solutions, gaining a competitive edge in financial operations.


Master the art of efficient invoicing and financial management with our e-invoicing event, tailored to provide accountants and treasurers with the latest tools and techniques for success.

Event Speakers

Join our event and dive into the world of e-invoicing with insights from industry experts. Gain knowledge, connect with peers, and prepare for the digital future.


Lim Ai Chen


Director of Taxation & Business Processes Solution

Kevin Lim

Kevin Lim


Vice President

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