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Petaling Jaya: 29th April 2022, IFCA MSC BHD successfully hosted a webinar on Enabling Hybrid Workforces with Mobile Internet Technology.

The Webinar focuses on addressing employee misconduct during the work-from-home era, as employers are increasingly concerned about workplace violence. This discussion also emphasizes on the employee-relations and legal implications of workplace monitoring, and it concludes with recommendations for developing a comprehensive employee policy.

Apart from that, the webinar also highlights the importance of mobile internet technology which allows HR professionals to deal with misconduct in the workplace. The discussion also allows HR professionals to gain digital experience, which will allow for greater efficiencies and improved mobile technology utilisation in the hybrid workforce era.

Some of the key takeaway of the webinar includes:

• How organizations can improve their remote work policies and capabilities to eliminate employee misconduct

• The transition to managing a remote workforce with the right HR technology

• How HR innovations provides great returns in increasing employee performance

• Implementing efficient HR tech facilitates to improve and strengthen corporate culture

• How leveraging HR technology can inspire employees to excel in remote working

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