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Petaling Jaya: 17th May 2022, IFCA MSC BHD achieves yet another pinnacle by winning the prestigious Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards in the category Mobile-Human Resource Technology.

The Singapore Business Review hosted the award ceremony to recognise forward-thinking businesses that have made an outstanding difference in the Human Resources industry.

The annual awards programme also recognises businesses that are advancing innovation in Human Resource (HR) processes and moving toward digitization, thereby facilitating a variety of industries.

HRX was built to revolutionize mobility, connectivity, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in the human resource processes. HRX’s success is exceptionally due to its AI-powered functionality, which matches professionals and organisations from recruiting to talent management.

We were able to secure new customers in 2022 as a result of our comprehensive solution, including MDC Asia Sdn. Bhd. and Austin Powder Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. HRX transform the way HR functions by uncovering innovations to align HR processes to promote better employee and organizational outcomes.

Our HRX Mobile solutions drives an outstanding impact on modern HR practitioners through mobile innovation, improving communications and enhancing accessibility. HRX also assists Human Resources industry to establish a mobile savvy experience that provide astounding functionality while increasing efficiency.

IFCA MSC BHD would like to extend our gratitude to the panel of judges and attendees. We congratulate all winners and finalists and look forward to even greater success in 2022.