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HRX Payroll Software


HRX’s Payroll module ensures employees benefits and entitlements are accurately computed and paid out in accordance with the company’s pay cycles. HRX is fully compliant with Malaysia’s laws and statutory requirements which helps to reduce the burden on HR staff to manually ensure tax legislative requirements are met for each individual payment.

Key Benefits
Integrated with Leave, Claims and Time & Attendance module for other non-salary types payment processing prior to payroll run
Support monthly, daily and hourly rated employees with multiple pay cycle capabilities
Configure overtime pay (normal day overtime, weekend overtime, holiday overtime), fixed allowance, deductions, benefits-in-kind calculations
Manage multi-companies’ payroll with a single subscription
Automatically compute tax relief based on Malaysian tax law
Manage details of CP159 statutory submissions in the same place
Automate month-end and year-end payroll reporting
Customise preference to lock or unlock payroll in previous payroll period