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HRX Talent Management


Talent management systems encompass four major fundamentals of human resources, which include recruitment, training, appraisal, staff succession and development. The HRX recruitment system allows company to automate hiring processes systematically.

Key Benefits
It encompasses employee application submission, screening, and a seamless recruitment session.​
The talent pool identifies candidates with impressive abilities and skills that match the organization's goals.​
Staff appraisal and KPI planning will be systematically evaluated by validating employee productivity with improving organisation performance.
The Job Portal nurtures candidates through the recruitment process, leveraging applicant management efficiencies.​
Provides an automated, structured, and assigned training initiative that focuses on employees CCL and RCL matrices.
Staff development and succession automatically track and identify top talent, nurturing employee development that facilitates their career progression.
The measures of training effectiveness and knowledge utilisation are determined by the completion of the Evaluation form by the Superior, Trainer and Trainee.