Is your company ready for E-invoicing?

Kuala Langat: 4th Oct 2023, In a groundbreaking development, IFCA MSC Bhd has proudly taken up the mantle of being the official automatic access representative for HIMS, signaling a monumental achievement in the world of real estate and technology partnerships.

This newfound partnership not only reinforces our unwavering commitment but also opens doors to exciting possibilities. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to YB Tuan Akmal Nasrullah bin Mohd Nasir and Dato’ Jayaselan for their instrumental role in bridging the gap between property developers and KPKT Malaysia.

Together, we are delivering real-time data that empowers stakeholders to make up-to-the-minute decision making a reality. At the core of this collaboration lies a cutting-edge system that allows HIMS to seamlessly receive automatic updates as developers input information into IFCA Software.

This innovation, powered by the prowess of real-time data, has the potential to revolutionize our industry. It enables us to shape it according to the needs of the moment while aiding the government in policy alignment—a stride towards benefits not only for the realm of real estate but also for the broader community.

For a deeper dive into this exciting development, we invite you to watch our YouTube video, which offers an insightful look into the impact of this partnership – KPKTxIFCAblog

As we embark on this transformative journey, stay tuned for more updates from IFCA MSC Bhd. We are committed to fostering a more efficient future of work, one that leverages the power of innovation, data, and collaboration for the benefit of all.