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Dear IFCA Employees,

Over the years, IFCA has grown into a serious leading business entity as a bright icon in the market of specialized, pioneering, and demanding business system solutions provider. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with such talented, dedicated, and passionate people over the years. Your dedication to placing our customers first and upholding our corporate values has been crucial to IFCA’s growth and success.

We are entering a new era as a business system service provider, offering our fully comprehensive and sophisticated solutions that customers require on a single platform. The year 2022 will definitely be a challenging year as IFCA will be introducing new products, transforming our business functions, enhancing the customer experience, while delivering value to our customers.

We have grown and diversified our business sustainably, resulting in a remarkable customer base. IFCA has grown to become the leading business system provider for the multinational property, construction, hospitality, and human resources industries. IFCA has expanded with an extraordinary scale and standard of expertise that meets our customers’ key specific requirements and boosts business advancement.

We are very enthusiastic about making progress on this path because we have made such significant progress. IFCA is confident that our desire will help us build on the strong business foundation we have established through commitment, dedication, and accountability.
At IFCA, we are always striving to build and maintain a distinct and successful business culture. We have always promoted a culture of opportunity, enthusiasm and encouraging employees to overcome any obstacles that stand in their way. That is the key that determines our long-term success while exceeding customer expectations.

We hope that you will continue to raise the IFCA brand identity to greater heights and draw a perfect success tale that is beyond imagination. IFCA would like to take this opportunity to wish you happiness on the Chinese New Year. May we embrace the New Year with love, happiness, and peace.