LYL Group

LYL Group was established in 1990 as a developer specialising in property development and warehouse solutions. developments.

Armed with the foresight to anticipate market demands in the property industry, LYL Group took on IFCA’s Property Management Solution in 2014.

The solution was also able to cater to the Group’s expansion plans and addressed their needs and challenges faced in their business environment successfully, which contributed to a higher productivity growth for the organisation.

Since then, the results from the collaboration was monumental. With our solution, LYL Group was able to manage and analyse key information including sales figures, transaction dates and all relevant financial data.

To date, the Group has built and owns more than 300,000,000 square feet of warehouses and IFCA is proud to facilitate LYL Group to overcome any associated productivity and profitability challenges as they continue to scale for the future.