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HRX wins Mobile - HR Technology Award at the Distinguished Malaysian Technology Excellence Awards

Imagine if there is software for your employees to submit their applications and requests online, and cascade these submissions to the right supervisors for further action immediately? Plenty of time can be saved, not to mention the cost. Backlogs and lengthy waiting time would be a thing of the past, while this efficiency will also contribute to higher employee satisfaction.


Introducing HRX, the next generation Human Resource Management System that revolutionises human capital management through mobile connectivity, further enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered capabilities.


Harnessing on smart technology, this solution is designed to deepen visibility into the workforce, transform employees’ experience, and digitise the HR operation of your company to embark on a paperless journey. With this cloud-based application handling the HR services remotely, managing your HR operations has never been easier. 


Among the highlighted features is the incorporation of AI which automates the various submission and delivery processes. Leveraging on the digitization of documents, the adoption of HRX eliminates the tedious paperwork.


The Leave & Claim Management module in HRX helps to automate and streamline the previously meticulous processes. With the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology greatly improving data accuracy, the applications are now a walk in the park.


Another highly sought after feature of HRX is the Time Attendance system, which incorporates digital face recognition and temperature sensors. With the precise times captured, the employees’ wage and overtime pay can be calculated accurately by the Payroll system.


The robust Payroll system of HRX also streamlines the overall payroll administration by automating calculations whilst ensuring that these are fully compliant with Malaysian taxation rules and statutory regulations, as outlined by agencies such as KWSP, PERKESO, LHDN, HRDCorp, State Zakat Authorities and more. 


Talents are the most important assets of every company. The Talent Management Module integrated into HRX offers comprehensive solutions from Manpower Planning and Talent Recruitment to Employee Retention and Succession Planning.


To have a better understanding of your workforce, deep dives on real-time business insights with the Mobile Business Insights module. Analyse and generate comprehensive reports on headcount and staff turnover, to make informed decisions and strategize for the future. 


Since HRX is 100% mobile accessible, users can easily master its control in a short period of time, and focus on their work more productively. Recognising this as a truly revolutionary innovation, Singapore Business Review has awarded IFCA MSC Bhd. the Mobile – Human Resource Technology Award in its Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2022. 


The prestigious award recognises exceptional companies which are riding the wave of disruptive technology and leading the digital transformation journeys in their respective industries.


The work environment has undergone dramatic changes in recent years and remote work has now become a necessity. It is high time for business owners to embrace HRX, the Next Generation Human Resource Management System, as it offers complete HR functionality to address the variety of new needs. Contact us to reinvigorate your HR operation now

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