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Pakuwon Group

Pakuwon is a prominent property developer and an established brand name in Jakarta and Surabaya. With over 38 years in the real estate development industry, it has an impressive portfolio of properties including numerous retail, residential, commercial and hotel developments.

Equipped with IFCA’s digital systems, Pakuwon Group was able to reimagine their project bidding and tender approach which helped them win successful bids in an extremely competitive marketplace. Despite the slow progress of other companies shifting their paradigm to automate project finance accounting, Pakuwon was visionary to utilize IFCA’s Contract365 system in 2010 in a bid to innovate their contract management lifecycle processes.

With Contract365’s versatile provisions for advances and debt repayment features, Pakuwon was also able to facilitate quicker and accurate contract transactions between sub-contractors, suppliers, consultants and creditors.

With IFCA’s Contract Management Solution, Pakuwon enjoyed numerous successful project completions and profitable developments.