Is your company ready for E-invoicing?

Penang Forum Recap: E-Invoicing Simplified

IFCA with KPF Event 30.1.24-01-01

The E-Invoicing Seminar at Ascott Gurney Hotel in Penang on January 30, 2024 was successfully held!

During the event, Ms. Lim Ai Chen (PKF), Mr. Kevin Lim (Infra 365) and Ms. Yong Siew Woon delved into the challenges, impact, and penalties associated with e-invoicing. They also evaluated business readiness for e-invoicing.

The interactive sessions fostered meaningful discussions, encouraging the adoption of an integrated system for accurate tax reporting. Business owners were motivated to revolutionize their operations with e-invoicing for enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

We trust that the attendees are now well-prepared for the digital future, armed with the insights gained from the seminar! Stay tuned to our page for updates on our upcoming events.