Is your company ready for E-invoicing?

Wondering if a property project could be sold out in 10 Minutes, without anyone visiting the gallery?

Normally, buyers have to visit the sales gallery to view and book the project. For those more popular projects, people might even need to queue up. For the rest, the developers might need to organise multiple events, with a tasty buffet thrown in just to attract a crowd.

What are they missing out on? Well, attending events is troublesome and time consuming for those not based locally. But surely they want to invest too. How could anyone miss this huge market?

Sales galleries bursting with large crowd during physical launches

Win-Win Solution Benefitting All

Introducing e-Launch that makes queues and even physical events a history. Tapping into the power of Big Data and Cloud Computing, e-Launch is set to disrupt the industry by presenting developers the following benefits:


1. Digital launch – By storing the information in the internet, you can share much more project details to allure a wider audience. 


2. Leads generation – More leads can be gathered as it is easy for prospects to share the link, hence more leads for the developer to nurture.


3. Availability management – Manage the unit availability efficiently. With bookings made orderly through the platform, errors such as double booking will be avoided.


4. Better scheduling – Schedule the launching phase by phase to streamline the tasks, while allocating more time to create awareness and build up the momentum.


5. Cloud-based service – As the service is hosted in cloud servers, it offers greater flexibility, efficiency, scalability, security at a reduced cost, while allowing increased collaboration among the stakeholders.


6. Big data analytics – The platform collects various important data for analysis, these profound insights allow you to improve future products and marketing strategies to meet customers’ preferences.


7. A slimmer workforce – Compared to physical launch, fewer staff are needed to make the event a great success.


8. Lower cost – Less expenditure as the campaign is largely done online.

It is way more convenient to secure a dream unit digitally via e-Launch

Besides benefitting developers, e-Launch also offers plenty of advantages to property buyers because it affords them so much inconvenience compared to the old-school way:

1. 3D Virtual Gallery – Prospects may zoom and rotate their position in the 3D Virtual Gallery, to have a clearer view just like they were physically present in the gallery.

2. Instant booking – Once the prospects have viewed the property and found out the details such as the sizes and layouts, they may book online instantly.

3. Borderless – Both local and international prospects can view and book the unit at their fingertip, without the need to queue at the gallery physically.

4. Efficiency – Physical launch has always been an arduous and tiring affair, whereas with the latest technology, prospects may view and book properties through mobile devices conveniently.

5. Invitation made simple – Prospects to share the invitation link with their friends and family in just a few clicks, allowing more people to profit from investing in hot-selling properties.

Secure Your Future Success

To fully exploit the power of e-Launch, developers are able to send the invite link to all the prospects, for them to view the projects details in advance. This will strengthen their urge to buy! On the big day itself, prospects will log into the system to select their preferred units based on first come, first served basis, and upload their supporting documents immediately to secure their units. In 2021 when Malaysia was under lockdown, a local developer sold out all the units from one phase of their Cyberjaya township within just 10 minutes through e-Launch. The historic achievement amazed many industry players, making e-Launch the buzzword in town.

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