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ContractX, Construction Software allows you to manage the complexities of a project from start to finish in a single place. Because of it, construction companies stand to benefit from reduced risk and more accountability. Contractors can achieve operational improvements and cost reductions to ensure profitability by having more end-to-end control and seamless operations with the aid of our sophisticated construction software.


To avoid mistakes and the need for duplicate data entry or recalculations, this solution includes capabilities that allow quick and precise measures to be performed before the data is automatically pulled into project management and accounting procedures. The construction software allows contractors to give you better estimates and give you more clout when dealing with subcontractors. There are fewer risks for general contractors who are confident in their numbers since they can question the quantities offered by vendors and subcontractors on high bids and confirm low-bid amounts.


For amended estimates or to value a project, estimators can leverage assemblies offered in the construction software systems. Estimators can save time by using the same assemblies over and again to avoid mistakes and produce more precise bids as a result of the construction software capabilities. Due to a complete solution’s efficiency, the construction software makes it much simpler to collect bid details and generate bids rapidly. More work can be won by submitting more proposals. Increased job opportunities and profit margins are possible with more precise offers.


The construction software solution can also assist with the control of hazardous jobsite materials. These items need to be monitored, tested, and transported to approve handling locations. The construction software also aids contractors to comply with the right procedures, complete and accurate documentation on hand. The construction software develops assignable action item lists with due dates that track back to their critical path plan using workflow and audit trail features included in a comprehensive solution.


Contractors may remain ahead of the game and avoid costly delays by using the technology, which sends reminders throughout the process. Using automated features to comply with government and building standards that are always changing, construction firm owners may be able to limit the risks to their business.


Construction software has the ability to assist a construction company in all of its aspects. Contractors can spend more time fixing or preventing problems in the field if documentation and processes are simplified. An all-in-one solution saves contractors’ time by identifying challenges before they arise and by identifying opportunities to improve profitability and growth.

Which modules are right for you?

Contract Management & Client Accounting

ContractX, Contract Management & Client Accounting system, is designed to digitalise contract processes, streamline workflows, and improve the efficiency of project execution.

Subcontract Management

ContractX Subcontract software facilitates uploading of all contracts into a single, cloud-based platform where they can be streamlined, keeping the contractual process centralised and organised.

Subcontract Accounting

ContractX’s Subcontract Accounting system streamlines the process of sending out tender inquiries and receiving bids, as well as reducing email overload by storing project documentation online. The construction software simplifies the process of creating, sending, and responding to tenders.

Project Purchasing

ContractX, Project Purchasing system is designed to provide businesses with modern digital capabilities, including process automation, cloud-based data management and organization, and deep data analytics. The construction software also assists in managing essential purchasing operations more efficiently.

Project Costing

ContractX, project costing solution enables tracking of projects’ cost, budgeting and invoicing based on specified project, task or completion proportions such as materials, services, and labour and inventory items covered. Leveraging the construction software, all project costs can be fully considered when comparing project costs to the original and amended budgets.

Site Management

ContractX, Construction Site Management system helps to manage and track construction project by automating, tracking, and managing budgets, commitments, spends, forecasts, and project processes. The software is designed to work simultaneously, bridging the gap between the onsite construction crew, project owner, and other stakeholders in real time.

Plant Machinery

ContractX, Plant and Machinery system, identifies and provides related information related to plants and machinery. The construction software provides information and maintenance data that allows project managers to have a complete history of maintenance, including all the overhead expenses as well as the asset’s potential valuation.

General Ledger

ContractX, General Ledger Interface construction software keeps track of all financial transactions and generates the organisation’s financial reports, such as the balance sheet, income statement, budgeting and cash flow, user-generated custom reports.

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