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ContractX Contract Management & Client Accounting system makes it easier to increase contract visibility of contract detail.  Storing all files in a consolidated, digital repository enables maximum compliance and thorough reporting. By centralising the contract database, organisations can ensure that their contractors are working with the most updated contract terms and clauses.

The solution allows contractors to leverage their mobile workforce in which they have access to the platform via a single mobile device platform. As a result, all authorised contractors have immediate access to the contract information and provisions at all times and from any location. The Contract Management system ensures contract compliance. A streamlined business process provides contract accountability.

Every contract is retained to comply with compliance requirements, from information to termination. This guarantees that no essential terms are left out and that the document has been amended correctly, providing contractor’s authority over their contracts. The solution also enables improved document management. With the aid of a contract management system, contractors can import electronic contracts of any type and display document status and other relevant details for each one of them. Ultimately,

Contract X’s contract management system features allow your organisation to keep better track of all contracts from a single platform. The contract management system also enables contractors to monitor the cost and expenses for every subsequent contract stage. The process aids in analysing expenses and costs to control the flow of cash spent on each contract. By providing a cash flow report at all stages of the contract, contractors are able to predict cash flow in the future and make business decisions based on that information.

Key Functions and Features

ContractX, Contract Management systems module include customised and automated processes that help to expedite contract implementation. A comprehensive contract management solution provides organisations with real-time control over all of the contracts, from creation to approval, and account status to termination.

Track progress of claims, advances, material on-site, performance bond & bank guarantee.
Simple & reliable integration with WhatsApp to connect with clients.
Creates variation order to improve the degree of difficulty in project
Automatic tracking of call records.
Centralised Credit Control to manage collection across contracts.
Add notes, audio, video, photos & documents to the call log.

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