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ContractX Plant and Machinery system also features plant management facilities allow organisations to track and monitor all assets effectively. This function of the construction software enables plants to be assigned efficiently by listing them and their relevant details, according to their availability. Project managers are able to determine the availability of a plant at any given time. This is especially important for larger organisations that may be working on multiple projects at the same time and need to enhance the utilisation of their fleet.

Leveraging the construction software also allows you to monitor variable and fixed costs associated with insurance, storage, operation, and depreciation. The actual cost of each contract can be easier to understand if plant costs are automatically associated with the relevant work in the accounts system. With the increasing cost of construction, the solution also allows detection and tracking of plant maintenance costs, which can aid an organisation in making sensible fleet management selections, such as eliminating an older vehicle that consumes high repair costs.

Maintaining plants effectively and safely is a legal requirement, but it is also beneficial in terms of reducing costs. Management of a plant involves identifying hazards for each item and having a plan for how they can be avoided through maintenance and regular inspections. The construction software can assist with highlighting the most appropriate time, such as the downtime during which the plant has to undergo maintenance. This is essential for project management which may requires the equipment to be used on-site, and also appointing professional contractors who may be required for management them.

Construction software can help managers to understand what assets they own or rent, how much each asset is worth, and their current condition. It also allows them to determine the remaining maintenance lifespans of all equipment, allowing the organisation to manage ahead and purchase new machinery as required. The solution also aids in reducing the risk of theft on site. Construction software, which includes asset monitoring technologies, can assist in improving the security of construction assets and lowering the risk of theft and loss.

Key Functions and Features

Contract X’s Plant and Machinery system module is designed to provide organisations with the complete details to keep track of their plant and equipment. The solution facilitates observing existing plant asset availability and recording historical plant asset status, digitally integrating different systems, as well as recording data on operations performed. The solution also considerably improves the maintenance capacity to respond quickly and minimise plant and equipment downtime. Additionally, the capacity to efficiently manage project activities enables improved cooperation and scheduling of work, which has an impact on productivity.

Keep track of service life for all assets.
Prevents on-site accidents.
Reduces the risk of theft on site.
Eliminate ghost assets.
Improved visibility of construction assets.
Quick access to asset tracking data.

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