Project Purchasing


ContractX Project Purchasing system, assists in monitoring the current costs as well as upcoming expenses that must be billed in accordance with the committed costs throughout the construction process. Purchase orders allow you to keep track of the quantity element of the purchase agreement. The solution aids in identifying the purchasing details throughout the project activities to assure stock availability in inventories at all times.

The Construction Software allows you to track committed costs with purchase orders, which contractors can have an overview of project-related purchases. The solution is designed to ensure that all the billings and payments are cross verified as it links the orders, billings, and invoices. The solution also creates job cost reports that have detailed entries related to change orders, invoices, paid-to-date status, and outstanding committed costs. The users can simply assign the job codes to each activity of the project to keep track of labour payments and prevent any overpayments. The construction software also facilitates managing materials and supply quantities.

The construction software poses the capability in managing purchase orders saving time and assumptions related to the order and supply. The advanced solutions allow purchase orders to connect with the purchasing list, giving the contractor a complete walk-around of the inventory for the available units of every item mentioned in the list. Additionally, the construction software allows contractors to identify any items or their prices which exceed the required quantity or committed cost. Contractors can gain complete control by having a complete view of how much is committed to a budget at any time and identifying potential budget overspendings earlier.

Key Functions and Features

Contract X, Project Purchasing System Module, is designed to allow organisations to automate their entire project purchasing source through a centralised platform. The solution assists in analysing and managing spending. From managing project costing and making invoice payments, users can gain complete access and control over every purchasing process operation. The Project purchasing system makes acquiring inventory and equipment simple while providing you with complete control over your billing.

Generate instant details on the status of the project procurement plan, progress, cost, vendors and accruals.
Instantly Release RFIs and RFQs.
Manage and automate procurement workflow.
Vendor consolidation.
Create purchase requisitions.

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