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ContractX Construction Site Management system makes it convenient to generate detailed estimated costs and timelines on a single platform. The solution enables the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time through the use of a comprehensive mobile platform. The construction site management can estimate the cost of building materials and employee according to every subsequent project.

A construction site management system also helps to increase worker productivity. The system uses Biometric Facial Recognition to track the attendance of the site employees. Facial recognition works by matching employees’ faces and recording their attendance, body temperature, and clocked-in time.

The Construction Site Management system also helps with an effective material management system, which ensures that resources are not only at the correct place at the right time, but also that the right type and quantity are procured in the first place. A good material management system may readily reduce material waste during the project planning, purchasing, and inventory management stages.

The Construction Site Management system improves construction budget accuracy and forecasting. By providing precise budgets and predictions, the solution aids contractors in the management of building material inventory. This further enables contractors to accurately estimate budget where adjustments or upgrades can be done accordingly, having a more accurate grasp of the existing inventory and future demands.

The Construction Site Management system makes it possible to track the progress of jobs on a construction site. Contractors can track the project, compare actual to anticipated progress, and discover concerns that may prevent the project from staying on schedule and under budget by using the digital viewing feature. Access to information sources such as designs, specifications, and digital blueprints is also provided by the solution. Construction site management software has a complete document management system, ensuring that paperwork is proper and that fewer spreadsheets, which frequently include errors, are required.

Key Functions and Features

Contract X, Construction Site Management system module include all of the abilities required to adequately plan your projects, coordinate available resources, respond to challenges, and keep all project stakeholders informed. Project management software is a centralised hub for your project management, task management, and project planning.

Track & calculate worker wages accurately.
Manage on-site material inventory with real-time balances & availability.
Digitised wage logbook for each site worker with daily wages & advances.
Manage site progress history with digital video/photo library in the cloud (authorised --viewing enabled).
Enable remote management of building material inventory.
Easy uploading of video/photo via smartphone

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