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Subcontract Accounting

ContractX Subcontract Accounting system automates the sending out of tender to selected suppliers and helps manage the process of tendering and bid receipt. This eliminates the need to re-send tender details as subcontractors will be automatically notified if package contents or details change. View, evaluate and compare submissions directly in the construction software when all bids have been received.

The construction software stores all documents in a centralised platform with the aid of an effective document management feature. The solution allows subcontractors to use sophisticated document to acquire the necessary information that is relevant to their construction projects. The solution also allocates documents to the whole project for circulation to all trades or tags documents for specific trades in order to provide just the information required and avoid information overload. An effective subcontract tender system facilitates increasing confidentiality of the deals and restricting unauthorised access.

The construction software also provides tender alerts and automated notifications. The solution automates and configures the system to send tender acceptance reminders and due-date reminders to subcontractors. It also customises the content of system-generated emails and notifications to fit the organisation’s preferences and requirements. Consequently, the construction software enables the tendering process to be carried out in a secure manner.

The construction software provides a complete view of the running projects, regions and all the concerned parties, providing subcontractors entire visibility of stakeholders and authority over the tender processes. The construction software helps in maintaining records effectively related to Site management where it saves data about the Construction Sites, Contractors assigned, number of labours employed and their details, Site location, Working days, Project duration and others. A comprehensive construction software focuses on delivering an all-in-one tender management solution that is highly secure and can be accessed by authorised users only.

Key Functions and Features

The ContractX Subcontract Accounting module facilitates the complete tendering process, from the advertising of the requirement through to the placing of the contract. The solution replaces these manual, paper-based tender processes with electronically facilitated processes based on best tendering practises to save time and money. The system also   offers an opportunity for automating most of the tendering process: from help with preparing the tender specification to the evaluation and placing of the contract.

Streamline tender creation processes.
End-to-end tracking from tender planning, tender invitation, evaluation, and selection to tender award.
Automate, simplify and accelerate the proposal process to reduce time to quote and save costs.
Document the request for Quotation (RFQ) history centrally.
Track RFQ changes to improve accountability and legal compliance.
Deliver your proposals in the format that works best for your customer.
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