HotelX-Business Insights

Business Insights


HotelX, Business Insights comprises of all elements required to revolutionize the hospitality industry, resulting in a rapid acceptance and integrated innovation process. The Hotel PMS is intended to take in all of a user’s data and display it in a convenient measuring performance and indicators that will influence hotel decision making process.  Basically, it is a process of making data-driven decisions based on data analysis and visualisation to optimize a business’s strategy and achievement. Hotels can extract data from this Hotel PMS or other systems like CRM, comprehend it with analytics tools, and instantly view it within seconds. The final phase, meanwhile, is to make decisions depending on data and information that has been processed and visualised.

The Hotel PMS allows you to perform predictive analysis by comparing several data sets across any timeframe. The ability to process the data collected by the solution enables hoteliers to determine when to intervene and take the appropriate steps. Apart from that, the solution also enhances the hotel revenue management and marketing approach. 

The Hotel PMS facilitates raw data analysis and assists hoteliers in determining the booking sources that provide the most profitable alternative.

Key Functions and Features

HotelX, Business Insights module facilitates hotel to collect and analyse data, translate it into meaningful data, and emphasise technology as a means of making rapid and effective decisions at appropriate time. With the aid of Business Insights, hoteliers can use big data analytics to access historic data, existing data, and prescriptive analytics. It provides an unrestricted and larger view of all the business data.

Faster Decisions​
Visible Market Trends and action
More Agile Business operations​
Better Customer Service