HotelX-Guest App

Guest App


HotelX, Guest App optimize touchless interaction and communication to streamline a guest’s digital experience. The Hotel PMS allow mobile check-in, support additional guest requests, and interact through messaging service. The solution also aids to improve income through additional offerings, real-time advertising via focused promotions sent via the application, and information gathering to promote guest loyalty via a personal touch. The Hotel PMS enables comprehensive communication between the hotel and its customers. The solution can boost customer experience and, as a result, customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the solution also enables hoteliers to optimise their facilities and amenities by leveraging customer information and comments. Hotel PMS aims to provide hoteliers with the opportunity to transform their consumer journey. Hoteliers can administer their properties and create promotions and events with a few simple clicks. The Hotel’s PMS can be customised to meet their specific demands and specifications. Personalization would allow hotels to select aspects that play to their respective strengths. Our touchless Guest APP keeps a record of all of the queries made by the customers and allows the hotelier to assess and deliver customer fulfilment.

Besides that, the guest service app enables guests to utilise the hotel’s amenities by scanning QR codes placed around the premises. Guests could use the Hotel PMS to make requests or order the desired assistance. At times, guests may also be hesitant to install any app because most are one-time customers who find it unnecessary to download extra applications for a single use. Consequently, by just scanning a QR code, the customer gets an exclusive experience in a single touchless application. When guests are convinced and recognise the features of the hotel, they will definitely want to explore more by regularly choosing the hotelier as their preferred choice to stay. This will benefit hotels in increasing the revenues and profitability.

Key Functions and Features

The HotelX, Guest App module is primarily designed to provide a touchless mobile guest solution that provides a better and more seamless guest journey by eliminating needless long waits and physical interaction, resulting in improved value for both the guest and the hoteliers.

Mobile Phone Enabled Touchless Guest Experience​
Self-Check-Out, Digital Folio and Online Payment
Hotel Gallery, Online Booking & Booking History Access
Digitised Package Redemption, Hotel Service Directory & Service Requests
Self-Check-In & Digital Room Key
AI-Powered Speech Recognition Functionality