HotelX-Online Booking Engine

Online Booking Engine


HotelX, Online Booking Engine, improves hotel work by integrating with the hotel’s website and executing secured online reservations made through a hotel website. The information is subsequently transferred to the property management system, where guests can access and manage the bookings. Hotel Reservation System is a very convenient tool for guests to make a booking. The booking engine will show the price and availability in real time, allowing guests to choose their preferred dates and time to secure the booking.


Hotel Reservation System facilitates to increases the business efficiency in the hotel industry. When a hotel integrates their PMS and channel manager, the hoteliers’ availability is instantly updated not only in their own system, but throughout all other booking platforms. Besides that, the solution makes the administrative process easier and convenient to hotelier and their respective staff. An online booking engine perform a designated task without a human touch as replying responding to quarries and coordinating reservation. Since everyone will have accessibility to current details on the hotel’s ongoing occupancy, hoteliers will be able to focus more time connecting with the guests while keeping the rest of the task automated.


Hotel Reservation System enables hoteliers to gather key information about their guests.


Data collection is crucial, specifically in the hotel business, where guests expect a more tailored customer experience. Guest data can assist you in personalising the marketing strategies in order to engage the most interested guests at the hotel. Additionally, with the accumulation of guest data, hoteliers can plan their marketing advertising according to the needs of their customers as they are able to narrow their approach. As a result, it aids in enhancing the hotels’ profitability and efficiency.


Hotel Reservation System enhances the hotel’s guest experience. A cloud-based solution enables the guests to book their desired accommodation through their computer, smartphones, or other mobile devices. With the availability of online booking, the entire reservation process is made easier, more flexible, and more accessible by utilising quick and dependable payment methods. Ultimately, the system creates an impression of a hotel and its offerings as it eases the customer’s journey.

Key Functions and Features

The HotelX, Online Booking Engine module provides hotels with a comprehensive booking software platform, that is completely personalised for a hotel brand, along with cross-promotions such as promotions or booking incentives. An online booking engine is essential for completing the entire sale process. Having a comprehensive online booking engine integrated with a hotel’s website streamlines the reservation experience, converts customers into paying customers, and generates direct bookings to the hotel.

Real-Time Integration for Booking, Inventory and Room Rates.​
Promote Sales through Integrated Social Networking Platforms (Commission-Free)
Automated Booking Confirmation
Payment Gateway Options to Facilitate Real-Time Payments
Booking Summary Overview​
Enable Booking with Promo Code Redemption