HotelX-Property Management System

Property Management System


HotelX, Hotel PMS, is a cloud-based hotel management solution with next-generation features that may help you automate and optimise daily operations, enhance overall efficiency, and revenue. Our Hotel PMS Software has won the trust of 180+ hotels across 16,000+ rooms.   The cloud-based Hotel PMS streamlines hotel administration and decreases reliance on human resources. Human error has slowly being resolved as it allows you to easily manage crucial hotel operations. Consequently, hoteliers have more time to attend to the needs of their customers.

The Hotel PMS can also be managed centrally through a single interface. The solution provides a user-friendly front desk module which serves as a single-point dashboard for all business activities. One may tailor it to their hotel’s requirements and administer multiple operations at the same time. The Hotel PMS Software facilitated the administration of daily task schedules.  The solution enables your employees to collaborate with all departments. Delegate room maintenance tasks to sanitation and monitor their progress on a regular basis from the front desk or housekeeping interface. One can also open an endless number of point-of-sale facilities that work in conjunction with the front desk to promote and increase non-room revenue.

Using the HotelX PMS system, your guests may reserve their stay instantly through the hotel website and other booking platforms.  Whether it’s last-minute customers or mobile travellers, the adaptable design of our multi-device site and booking engine allows you to draw customers and produce additional direct reservations, enabling you to gain more top-line income with every booking.

Key Functions and Features

HotelX , Property Management System module assists hotels in organising, scheduling, and managing their everyday operation. It enables hotels to manage front-office processes such as bookings, guest check-in and checkout, allocating rooms to customers, delegating maintenance tasks, and invoicing, among many other things. It also serves as the central hub of hotel management, ensuring the smooth flow of inter-department communication. This enables hotel personnel to centralise administrative operations throughout all departments. In a nutshell, a hotel PMS optimises and improves operations, saves time, and assists in improving service delivery to customers.

Multi-Hotel Management Functionality
Real-Time Room Availability & Status Tracking
Central Reservation
RPA Verification & Guest Digital Registration
Dynamic Pricing & Room Sales Optimisation
Digital Key & Conventional Key Systems
Digital Payment & Accounting Capabilities
Electronic Guest Signature
Housekeeping Room and Maid Management
Mobile Internet Capabilities such as Voice
Search, Voice-to-Text etc
Guest Facility/Outlet Digital Registration
Contact Tracing