Travel Agent Collaborative Platform


HotelX, Travel Agent Collaborative Platform is designed to provide booking listing information to travel agencies. With more effective online reservations, the hotel enables travel agencies to update or make reservation adjustments based on their preferences. By just inputting the room type and code assigned to it, the system is able to do a real-time availability check while also charging the contractual fee, greatly simplifying the booking process for all parties involved. Additionally, in the event of success, a new booking is created, allowing travel agencies to make changes to the booking from any location at any time.


The Hotel PMS is equipped with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities, which allow users to log in with only a snapshot of their guest ID, allowing for the automatic conversion of data information to digital data. Additionally, the Hotel PMS enables users to track their accounts more simply in real time, particularly the outstanding balance status and other associated information, which is particularly useful. The solutions, as a result, avoid payment delays by urging clients to make the appropriate payments, thus improving the cash flow of the establishment.


The Hotel PMS enables travel agencies to view their credit limitations, which is why the credit limits for the occupied room are also displayed. In addition, the solution provides additional information by identifying accounts that are approaching their credit limitations. It is possible to maintain healthy credit limits with the Hotel PMS while also lowering the likelihood of business and government accounts breaching credit limitations with the system.


The Hotel PMS also permits allotment functionality to travel agents in the hospitality industry to define a specific block of pre-negotiated rooms that have been purchased and managed. If the contract includes allotment, the Hotel PMS allows travel agencies to make allotments. The solution also enables travel agents to monitor their own KPI performance in terms of the allotment that they have committed to a hotel.

Key Functions and Features

HotelX’s Travel Agent module allows agents to access their contract rate, credit limit, make a new reservation or change their reservations, update their rooming list, view their statement of accounts and outstanding amounts, and make online payments.

Digitised Contract Rate & History​
RPA Input Of Guest Details From Identification
Travel Agencies Direct Booking
Documents (IC/Passport)
Travel Agencies self-manage Rooming List
Automated Credit Limit Verification
Real-Time Verification