HRX-Claim Management

Claim Management


HRX Claim Management, HRMS makes process claims faster, accurately and more efficiently. The solution is a completely comprehensive solution for efficiently managing expenses and benefits claims, as well as a smooth payroll process and documentation handling. It can meet the need by relieving your staff of time-consuming expenditure and compensation claim submission processes through a mobile app. The HRMS software also includes a user-friendly interface with built-in capabilities for building up and managing the business’s claims policy and expenditure claims process.


Additionally, the managers are able to better track the spending of their departments and staff. They may review and approve expense claim entries from the comfort of their mobile devices, eliminating the need to print documents. Every new cost claim will require a constant amount of details, making it much simpler for the employees to input their spending claims and allowing managers and administrative staff to move on to the next phase reimbursements faster. It also decreases the administrative load and reduces delays and errors in employee payments.

Key Functions and Features

HRX Claim Management module facilitates online submission in a clear and productive manner. The HRMS software and technology features an easy-to-use interface with built-in feature for configuring the company’s claims policy and managing the expenditure claims processes. HRX AI-powered Claim Management Software enables organizations to enhance employee satisfaction while decreasing expenses.

Enable authorised access to claims history and claim submissions.
Submit claims for fixed allowances.
Enable claims verification by the relevant department prior to claims payment processing.
Manage and approve claims submissions online directly from mobile devices.
Pre-define claim policies and procedures by job grade upon set up.
Convert image attachments such as receipts into auto-populated data fields with Artificial Intelligence (AI) + RPA.