HRX-Employee Portal

Employee Portal


HRX Employee Portal provides digital infrastructure for a modern workplace. It is designed to improve the employee engagement experience, resulting in a higher degree of employee commitment and participation. It also serves as a communication and transition administration tool, allowing HR to successfully communicate with their employees while also supporting them in improving their HR management efficiency. The HRMS is built to provide self-service functionality such as performing a leave application and claims submission, significantly reducing the strain on HR administrators.


Employees are given their individual login details to HRX Employee Portals for accessing and modifying personalised information such as addresses, contact details, and other relevant information. Employees can access the information saved on the HRX Employee portal at any time and confirm its legitimacy. The HRMS also provides transparency in data that enables employees to view documents pertaining to benefits, safety protocols, salary amendments, complaints, and other corporate policies whenever they wish. Additionally, all employees have quick access to data on their leave status and attendance logs. HRX Employee Portal software assists managers with fast accessibility to employee details and allows them to execute employment-related measures.


The HRMS supports the manager by giving them an access to the personal data of their subordinates, including time and attendance, leave incentives, and many more. Additionally, the accessibility to real-time data allows managers to receive notifications such as emergency leave or absence. It gives better control to managers to perform the approvals without having to wait for HR verification. Managers can also use the system to access the personal information files of subordinates as needed. These capabilities enables managers to be more self-sufficient and undertake variety of HR operations and performance measurement duties without the need for HR involvement.

Key Functions and Features

The HRX Employee Portal module helps organisations work more productively and save precious work time. Simultaneously, it improves data integrity by allowing employees to handle their personal tasks, which helps to increase employee satisfaction and data accuracy in the organization. Employees can also edit or add confidential details, obtain personal data such as their employee file and other related organisational resources as well. 

For Employees

View and print payslip / EA Form directly from their mobile devices.
Attach receipts, MCs and other relevant documentation with their smart phone cameras.
Update personal data independently such as mobile no, address, dependents, etc and submit to HR Admin staff for verifications and approval.
Submit leave requests, expense claims, requisitions anytime, anywhere.
Remotely check-in location when out of office for external engagements such as sales meetings or client implementation projects.
Track or view performance reviews, training history, career progressions and upcoming training schedule at any time.

For Managers

View and approve travel requests, leave requests, shift change requests, claims submissions etc.
Receive alert notifications for emergency leave or absence of key personnel to ensure replacements can be arranged immediately.
Access business insight anytime, anywhere.