HRX-Payroll Software

Payroll Software


HRX Payroll Software provides the employees with access to the payroll and income tax information via self-service features such as a mobile app. Our Payroll Software, comprising of payroll, leave, claim, and time management, will help minimise the workload in the organisation by removing manual inputs and reducing the chance of mistakes as HR operations stream directly into the online payroll management system.


Our sophisticated cloud-based payroll processing software solution handles challenging business payroll computations with ease and precision. The payroll software also integrates with various modules such as leave, claims, and time attendance makes it a comprehensive payroll software solution for businesses of all sizes.


The solution enables employees to monitor and coordinate numerous HR-administrative processes and requirements, resulting in cost savings for the organisation. HRX Payroll Software will have simplified employee on boarding, custom salary components for employees, single click payroll runs, online salary payments, employee self-service, and leave and attendance management as key features.

Key Functions and Features

HRX Payroll Management module provides an organisation with adaptable payroll software and services that streamline payroll management. The system accommodates a wide range of user-defined and conventional pay intervals (daily, weekly, semi-monthly, quarterly, and annually), employee classification (hourly, salary, or overtime), and automatically computes tax relief based on Malaysian tax law. 

Integrated with the Leave, Claims, and Time & Attendance modules for other non-salary types of payment processing prior to the payroll run.
Manage multi-companies’ payroll with a single subscription.
Automate month-end and year-end payroll reporting.
Support monthly, daily and hourly rated employees with multiple pay cycle capabilities.
Automatically compute tax relief based on Malaysian tax law.
Customise preference to lock or unlock payroll in the previous payroll period.
Configure overtime pay (normal day overtime, weekend overtime, and holiday overtime), fixed allowance, deductions, and benefits-in-kind calculations.
Manage details of CP159 statutory submissions in the same place.