HRX-Personnel Management

Personnel Management


The HRX Personnel Management, HRMS is the master database where all employee information from on-boarding until separation is recorded. With HRX Personal Management, it is now simple as the solution standardised documents from day-to-day employee concerns across any business, bringing in more accurate data, experience, and results.

All documentation and complaint records are kept in a centralised database, ensuring that data is accessible wherever you are and whenever you need it. It keeps track of all employee movements on a single platform.

The HRMS, also offers a streamlined and simpler workflow and monitors employees’ record movement from on boarding, transitions, extension, demotions, promotions, resignation and dismissals or retirement.

The solution also tracks all this information and keeps it organised in a virtual filing cabinet stored on the cloud for easy access via mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Key Functions and Features

The HRX Personal Management module optimises many HR activities, eliminating the necessity for inefficient traditional personnel monitoring systems while also lowering costs and saving crucial time. Access to genuine workforce visibility aids employee management personnel in implementing better working practices.

Authorised and secure access to employee information via personal mobile devices.
Submit, process and approve employee asset requisition instantly.
Track employees’ insurance schemes, past company experience and salary history (TP3) for automatic year-end tax deductions brackets calculations.
Track and update all key employee information such as mobile phone, address, NRIC, passport, employment pass, training certificates etc.
Track and update equipment and devices assigned to employees.
Communicate and share important information such as COVID-19 related announcements with employees via the broadcast feature.
Complete history of staff employment records movement from on-boarding to confirmation, extensions, promotions, demotions, internal transfers, resignations, terminations or retirement.
Record and manage employee performance details such as job progressions, performance reports, appreciations etc. in a single digital employee file.
Convert images such as employee NRIC into auto-populated data fields with greater proficiency using Artificial Intelligence (AI) + RPA.