Time Attendance


HRX Time Attendance System allows employers to track, report and process employees’ attendance and working hours via smart phones. The software automates attendance tracking on a cloud-based, user-friendly interface. Employee may now turn their smartphones into cutting-edge clocking managing devices and view their schedules on the go.

Employees use Touchless Facial Recognition to record their working hours when they enter or leave the work premise using modern automated time and attendance software. The solution analyse and calculate employees’ attendance in real-time data, providing the HR department with informed data on workforce efficiency. HRX Time Attendance Systems customizable and unique schedule, working time, and multi-shift rosters ensure seamless workforce scheduling for a wide range of sectors.

The HRX AI-powered Time Attendance System also provide managers with regular attendance reports and the convenience to monitor the team’s attendance throughout different scheduling groups via the mobile app. It also enables managers to quickly view and track attendance records, as well as discover and rectify concerns with little hassle.

With our integrated HRX Time Attendance System, you can relieve your administrators when it comes to attendance calculating strain. Additionally, the solution also provide employers with important insight into their workplace and assist them in planning and managing work time in order to have better control labour costs and enhance productivity. The HRX Time Attendance Systems assist employers with handling work time, removing documentation, driving down costs, and boosting performance.

Key Functions and Features

HRX Time Attendance Management module helps organisation to gain a clear view of employee time-keeping by providing comprehensive data on attendance, absence, overtime, flexi-time, rostering, and many more. The system decreases human errors, lowers expenses, boosts productivity, and improves employee satisfaction.

Touchless Facial Recognition Clock-In/Out for staff and guests.
Create employee work schedule easily based on system generated shift patterns.
Easily verify employee work hours prior to posting to payroll for payment processing.
On-premise employee movement tracking via QR code scanning.
Instantly process and approve employee overtime applications, shift change requests, time-off applications with automatic earned leave calculation via the mobile device.
Supports multiple employee clock in/out with multiple locations.