PropertyX-Leads Management

Leads Management


Staying ahead in a competitive industry is easier with PropertyX’s Leads Management. It captures and nurtures leads, and provides crucial insights that helps you to exceed sales objectives.

The system encompasses all sales funnel activities and automates manual, administrative tasks, thus freeing your valuable time to focus on converting potential leads.

PropertyX is also integrated with the Credit Assessment platforms for screening and evaluation to ensure lead quality.

Key Functions and Features

PropertyX, Leads Management system module automates all the processes involved in the lead generation process, saving a lot of time so that the salesperson or other individual can focus on improving the productivity of an organisation. The solution enables effective management of leads, having gathered information along the generation process, making it convenient and effective to manage the leads. Lead management systems put strategies and automated processes in place to ensure that leads see enough reasons to buy and actually patronise the products, services, and other offerings of a business.

Unified lead data, information and insights from marketing efforts
Easily integrate and customise online forms for lead capturing
Convert leads into sales more effectively via digital channels
Capture and track unlimited lead sources automatically on the system
Manage leads more closely and reduce leakage with smart leads assignment
Analyse lifecycle of leads with digital dashboards and reporting

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