PropertyX-Loan Online Platform

Loan Online Platform


The Loan Online Platform is designed to aid lending professionals in loan origination, loan servicing, document creation, storage, collection and more.

It delivers end-to-end solution from data input, pre-screening, credit-scoring, approval process and documentation. It also allows lenders to create and manage pipelines as well as approve loans in a single platform.

Key Functions and Features

Property X, Loan Online platform system module will assist you in automating the complete loan lifecycle for your customers. The software will assist financiers in performing various functions, such as processing loan applications, servicing new loans, and many more. The financer   will receive detailed loan information and reports that will keep them up to date on existing and future instalments.  In order to simplify the loan management process, the software allows you to obtain all of the applicants’ financial credentials in one go. The information gathered allows lenders to understand the applicant’s financial history and determine their loan eligibility.

Centralise multiple project financing into a single platform.
Enable financiers to manage applications anytime, anywhere.
Encourage collaboration to fast-track loan assessment, screening and CTOS & CCRIS checking.
Attach documents via mobile devices and fast-track loan processes.
Allow financiers to view all applications on one screen.
Streamline loan processes for faster turnaround time.

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