PropertyX-Solicitors Online Platform

Solicitors Online Platform


The Solicitors Online Platform enables all parties to see the progress of legal documentation such as the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), stamping and more. Stakeholders can search for specific documents wherever they are.

It also empowers solicitors to provide a secure online platform for up-to-date case information, document sharing and communication. The solution provides solicitors with an extra vehicle for improving communication with clients and others.

Key Functions and Features

PropertyX, Solicitor Online Platform module is designed to assist developers in managing all purchase agreement documents while on the move utilising a mobile device. The solution can assist in the systematic arrangement and management of all documents. The centralised software assures that no document is misplaced and that anyone with access control can view those documents anywhere, at any time. The cloud-based systems can also store information regarding the history of access to ensure a proper check on compliance with internal and external regulations. This ensures the confidentiality of any sensitive information. The solution keeps track and synchronises all versions of the document, such as the online sales document, SPA document, and many more.

Case tracker enables stakeholders to monitor, check and view case progress 24/7.
Online sales document submission.
File-sharing on single platform for easy preparation and processing of SPA documents.
Instant SPA document template availability.
Secure, cloud-based platform for official documents and attachments.

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