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PropertyX streamlines and automates property developer’s day-to-day operations. Property management systems foundational characteristic resolves the management of real estate, whether in terms of physical space, renters, leasing, or accounting. The property management system may adapt to changes depending on the size of the property asset and supports a wide range of residential and commercial property classifications.


The property management system can range from simple point solutions to a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. As a result, the solution dives deeper into the use of optimum technological architectural decisions in order to stay above the market and expedite innovation. With a single tap on mobile devices, anyone can effortlessly manage their accounts anywhere, at any time.
The property management system allows you to communicate with potential investors, track new investments, and handle disbursements all from a single platform. The system provides a primary defence by building a streamlined process around how your business interacts with stakeholders and property developers. Our cloud based property management systems implement additional security protocols to minimise the risk of a data breach.


Property management software delivers complete access to properties listings with exact, up to date and real time data, all in a single sophisticated platform. Consequently, property developers will have access to the data needed to make more informed decisions that will benefit their operations, marketing, and finances.

PropertyX Solution Modules

Purchaser Online Platform

PropertyX, Purchaser Online Platform system is designed to enable buyers to obtain detailed information on the purchased property, streamlining the entire process of online purchasing. The property management system acts as a centralised platform for the purchasing process.

Leads Management

PropertyX, Leads Management system assists in recognising quality leads, understanding the source of the leads, and monitoring the leads. The property management system comprises all sales funnel operations and automates manual, administrative processes, allowing property owners to focus on closing potential business.

Sales Online Management

PropertyX, Sales Online Management, is designed to assist businesses in accelerating the sales process. The property management software improves interactions with leads and consumers, provides a personalised approach, increases revenues, and maximises marketing efforts.

Sales Admin Platform

PropertyX, Sales Admin platform is built to integrate with the sales management module in optimising end-to-end sales activities. The property management app can facilitate the platform to track the sales cycle, reduce admin tasks, and streamline the sales operations.

Solicitor Online Platform

PropertyX, Solicitors Online Platform system, is designed to assist developers to manage multiple agreement details through mobile devices. The property management system allows stakeholders to access key documents such as the sales and purchase agreements, project listings, and case listings.

Loan Online Platform

PropertyX, Loan Online platform system is a clod base solution built to automate every stage of the loan lifecycle, from loan application, servicing and closing. The property management system not only automates these procedures but also provides useful analytics and insights for lenders and borrowers.


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