Purchaser Online Platform


On top of viewing, booking and purchasing properties with ease, buyers will have access to a multitude of convenient features, such as project site updates, virtual tours, updates on progressive billing, key collection status, and more with PropertyX.

Key Functions and Features

PropertyX’s Purchaser Online Platform simplifies the loan application process as well as buyers’ dealings with solicitors. With a fully digitalized, online application process, buyers can enjoy hassle-free loan approval from their financial institution of choice while reducing the chances of delays due to manual, human errors.

Allow purchasers to view a digital gallery from their mobile devices
Enable purchasers to apply for loans online and track SPA readiness
Enables property buyers to make online reservation
Automatically update purchasers on progress billings
Enables potential clients to view and register property listings for rent or sub sales
Enable purchasers to select key collection dates
Allow developers to share upcoming project and event updates

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